Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation with
Fue Method

In FUE method, hair is moved from the area that is slightly over nape between two ears by using a micro motor device with a diameter of 0.8 – 1 mm.

As hair is moved one by one with FUE method, the daily duration of procedure is 6 to 8 hours. The distinguishing advantage of FUE method is that it does not leave any mark on the area from which hair is moved. It must be taken into consideration that this is very important for those who want to have a very short haircut.
Hair follicles that are on breast and back are also used for Hair Transplant.

FUE is one of the most improved hair transplant methods which enable moving hair follicles from other parts of the body to the scalp. Such hair roots have the same characteristic as the hair on the scalp where they have been transplanted. It means that hair follicles that are moved from breast to the scalp grow on the head as normal hair.

Hair Transplantation with
DHI Method

During the procedure, individual hairs are extracted from areas such as head, breast and face, using micro motor needles with diameter of 05-0.7 and placed inside Hair Pen / Choi Needle and implanted directly below the scalp where hair will be implanted by navigating as desired without touching manually.

In Direct Hair Implantation, as hairs are implanted directly through hair pen without bleeding, it can be washed the other day. Complete recovery is enabled within a very short period of time which is 1 week.

Direct Hair Implantation is used for Scalp Hair, Beard and Eye Brows.